Massage Group Lake Stevens

Pricing and Hours

$10 off 60 minutes or longer will be applied at the time of service, 

for appointments through December 31, 2023

30 Minute Massage - $50

60 Minute Massage - $90

75 Minute Massage - $110

90 Minute Massage - $130

120 Minute Massage - $175

Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Sunday: 1:30pm-5:00pm

Monday: 7am-8pm

Tuesday: 7am-8pm

Wednesday: 7am-8pm

Thursday: 7am-8pm

Book online! Or call/text Raena at 425-293-4756

Fridays during Summer: 7am-8pm

Fridays during School Year: 4pm-9pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

Book online! Or call/text Susan at 425-521-7963

eGift Cards - Raena & Susan operate separate businesses. Please purchase eGiftCard from the correct massage therapist for the day of the week (see above) that the gift recipient will receive their massage.

Cash is preferred, please bring exact change.  Also accepted:  debit cards, credit cards, and HSA cards.

Prices are subject to change without notice.